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POST 257




Korean American Club Honoring Korean War Veterans

The Korean American Club has recorded the entire program and is available on this website:


Color Guard at 2014 Aquadettes 50th Birthday



Hagel visits with female submarine officers in Ga.

American Legion, Kiwanis and US Submarine Veterans visit the Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach to deliver "Medical Dolls" and Kaps for Kids.


American Legion and Kiwanis highlight Olivewood and San Joaquin graduations

By Jim Shaffer
            The dual team of Kiwanis and American Legion participated in two recent elementary school 6th grade graduation programs. The team program included the Legion’s Honor Guard ceremony complete with bugle call, posting flags, invocation, and pledge,  plus medals awarded to outstanding students as selected by the teaching staffs.
            At San Joaquin ,Warren Marr distributed Poppies to all graduates and  explained the  meaning of the Poppy. At Olivewood Gil Rowland, Joe Rainey, and Jim Shaffer, briefly explained respectively, Kiwanis, The Legion, and what a veteran is.
            The two events were only one hour apart and some  of  the Honor Guard had to “double time” to cover both events. Kiwanians and Legionnaires who  participated in the two events, in addition to the four already mentioned, were Chaplin Ray Fico, Bugler Lou Tirado, Pat Burr, Mara  Hodgkins, Mike Evans, and Hugh Seamster.
            This was the third year that the Legion-Kiwanis team has highlighted these two graduations in  schools only 5 minutes from Laguna Woods



Recap of Poppy  Program for Memorial Day, 2014
By Jim Shaffer
            As of  June 8,2014, we have accumulated a record $3812.46 and two of our troopers have yet to solicit and will be doing so before July 4.. So this is a preliminary report.
            There were some 18 of us out in the trenches. The 3 top Poppy pullers so far are  Jerry Anderson, Shaffer, and Kevin Pryle/ Susan.
            We worked Stater Brothers, CVS Pharmacy, Ralph’s in the El Toro Mall, and Traders Joe’s. Please note there has been a change in some of the managers, and Trader Joe’s even has 9 managers.
            Total expenses are $339.28, mostly for 1,400 poppies at .18 cents each.
            It has been  an extremely successful exchange so far. The following are the Platoon Patrol troopers who did or will spend time in the trenches… Jim and Kathleen Matthews, Kevin Pryle and Susan, Craig Charlton, Mara Hodgkins, Joe Rainey, Jerry Anderson, Marylin Bowbeer, Warren Marr, Ed and Joyce Brockett, Mike Thayer, Maggie and Hugh Seamster, John Draper, Sam Higa, Shaffer, Vice Howley, and Charlene and Nick Alpino.
Record attendance for Legion’s  and Auxiliary’s  2014 Memorial Day program
            Over 214 were counted at the program at 10:00 AM at Clubhouse 5. Commander Mike Thayer and 1st Vice Joe Rainey M/C ed the program. The prime speaker was LtCol Ted Tanner, USAF (ret) WWII who gave a attentive account of many of his service . incidents.. Bert Hack, Mayor, also spoke briefly, as did officers of the County Fire Dept and County Sheriff ’s Dept.
            The Post’s Honor Guard opened the ceremony. Three sing-alongs were led by Nick Alpino and Sunshine Lutey. A dramatic poem found anonymously in a WWII trench in Europe by David Hartman was personally delivered by him.
             Jerry Anderson and Jim Shaffer defined the meaning of the Poppy symbol, that is, poppies are currently blooming on the graves of  371 WW1 US infantrymen buried at a cemetery in Flanders , Belgium . The Post acknowledged some 15 members who passed during the year with a bell-ringing “Post Everlasting” ceremony. 

Lisa Graham, principal of San Yermo Elementary School, holds a thank you note written by one of fifty students. These notes will be included in a package for the troops as part of Operation Interdependence. These notes and packages put a little joy in the day of the recipeints. Thank you students of Glen Yermo Elementary School.


Post 257 Chaplain Ray Fico with Thank You Notes for the Troops made by students of San Joaquin Elementary School. These will go as part of a package for Operation Interdependence. 






John Badgley, JEREMY WEYLAND (Laguna Hills HS), Warren Marr


Warren Marr, DANIEL BUSHNER (El Toro HS), John Badgley, Sam Higa


Kohl Thorlakson Post 257 Boys State delegate 2013 from El Toro High School has posted a Utube video about his Boys State experience.

Click here to view







The Aktion Club in res Tee's, with 14 members from three Laguna Woods c


The Aktion Club in red Tee's, with 14 members from three Laguna Woods clubs.....Kiwanis, TGIF, and the American Legion. The occasion was celebrating the comming Memorial Day.










Ask a Service Officer: Agent Orange exposure



Post Member John Badgley has a  book entitled “Frigate Men”. 
            John Badgely of our post has written and had published a fascinating book entitled “Frigate Men” John was in WWII, a Lt. JG in the coast guard and served on the USS Bisbee a frigate with many duties including sub chasing. John and the Bisbee served during 45 campaigns in the Pacific What makes this book so fascinating is that John wrote it, painted and sketched the pictures, and obtained photos from the naval archive files. Great book , John!!!
Jim Shaffer
Always thought of  the Coast Guard as shallow water sailors, his book destroys that myth. Sam Higa
 John Badgley has books available for purchase 949-458-9444
Tom Anderson, son of member Jerry Anderson has just had published a page turner and burner entitled "Colt Humboldt and the Close of Death" . It is paper back, pocket size and a young adult story, but grabs anyone including us senior citizens. It is stacked with humor, every page has action, a true page turner. For more info and to order , enter " Colt Humboldt and the Close of Death" on the web site and you will get plenty of info.
Jim Shaffer 24 April 2014



Study confirms air crews’ exposure to Agent Orange


The Bon Family will be our entertainment for March Dinner Meeting.

  • Watch our new promotional video here:
  • They were our entertainers in Jan. 2012 Dinner Meeting. They were a big hit with the members.





WWII submarine veterans honored at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station



    Kathy Carlisle , Laguna Woods, gave us two giant bags of lap robes she fashioned. They go to the Long Beach Hospital. Kathy does this several times a year.
    Jerry Anderson will be helping on the two annual Poppy Programs, at Memorial Day and Vets Day. Jerry is from lower Dakota, USA, WW II, spent much of his life in Paris...Paris, Illinois as manager of a ag unit producing for cereal manurfacturers.    
Jim Shaffer, 3rd Vice
One heck of a story.
From my old pilots net!
To find the film after 65 years is amazing enough, but for the plane to crash right near the sub.... heaven would have to have been looking out for those young men. Read the short note before viewing the clip.
IT'S AN AMAZING STORY and worth watching... About 2.5 minutes.
An entire crew of a B-29 (12) was rescued by a US submarine after their plane was shot down in 1945, 70 miles off the coast of Japan. The entire rescue was filmed in color, but sat in a guy's closet until now.
This is a story from a Denver TV station of one of those rescued aviators to whom the video was delivered. It also shows their transfer to another submarine that is likely headed back to port before the one that accomplished the rescue.
Can you imagine, 65 years AFTER your own rescue you get to watch it on film?



From the Winter 2014 U.S.Navy Cruisers Assocciation

The VA has updated the list of U.S.Navy and Coast Guard ships that operated in Vietnam, adding more ships and expanding information for others.  There are now 285 ships on the list, which can help Vietnam-era veterans find out if they qualify for presumption of Agent Orange exposure when seeking disability compensation for related diseases.  The list can be viewed at
Ed Brockett









Our post was given a giant 18x24 "Thank You" card honoringVeterans Day and our post. The card was passed to us by Marilyn Atwell and Dorothy Woods of Laguna Woods Kiwanis.  It was hand crafted by the Aktion Club of Vocational Visions in Mission Viejo. The Aktion Club is sponsored by Kiwanis and composed of  challenged members who do simple assembly work for local companies and get paid. Vocational Visions is a firm that trains and assists challenged people who are 21 and older and no longer elgible for public school. It has perhaps some 300 students. It is supported by both government and private contributions. Our Aktion Club has been in existance for over 25 years. It meets once a month and is a national program of Kiwanis. The card will be displayed at our November dinner.
....Jim Shaffer


       Awesome video of an awesome soldier.  IF THIS DOESNT MAKE YOU PROUD






Since our charter in 1967, our American Legion Post has been welcoming VETERANS from all branches of our Armed Forces. Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our country. Joining our Post enables you to continue serving your God, Country and Community. Our mission is to implement the goals, aspirations, dreams, peace and blessings for our country, friends and families embodied in our preamble below.


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To the wonderful patriotic citizens of the Laguna Woods Village community. Join our Post as a Booster or Sponsor. (click Sponsor or Booster Button for details). 100% of the monies raised are given back to the community. Help us to continue sponsoring Scholarships for our children; give aid and assistance to our local needy Veterans, and their families. Help us to continue to support financially worthy community programs and projects.


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